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What is JBuzzer?

JBuzzer is a free java application that allows to load audio samples and assign them to keys on your computer keyboard. Currently audio samples in PCM (*.wav) and MPEG Layer 3 (*.mp3) are supported.

You may add as many slots for samples as your screen can fill, your RAM supports or your keyboard has different keys to the graphical user interface.

Why should I use JBuzzer?

If you are just interested in playing audio data like music, JBuzzer is definitively not the best choice. You should prefer jlgui or winamp.

JBuzzer main quality is to provide the ability of "just hitting a key to play a sample". I programmed a first version at home while working in a small blue office to cheer up my co-working students. It may also be used to release some pressure by throwing swear words on air.

To be able to utilize JBuzzer for this purpose your own creativity and some time is needed. Choose the audio samples you would like to use. Cut them with an audio editor (take care of copyrights). I myself for example used a preset containing samples of Helge Schneider, a german comedian and one with hip hop statements. Ey yo yo yo. Word up...

Latest News

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JBuzzer 1.0.6 released   2007-05-04 09:04 - jbuzzer
JBuzzer is a small desktop application that allows to map an arbitrary amount of sound clips to computer keys.
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JBuzzer 1.05 released   2004-09-27 16:41 - jbuzzer
JBuzzer is a desktop application that allows mapping the computer keyboard to audio samples. It's main purpose is to bring some fun into the office by expressing oneself with well-chosen statements.
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JBuzzer 1.04 released.    2004-09-15 10:41 - jbuzzer
JBuzzer - a small java computer keyboard audio sample player - has reached a further step in the current development phase of refactoring for stability.

A new keyboard-policy has been added, that remembers the favourite keystrokes of the user, and suggests the lowest free one.
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JBuzzer 1.03 released.   2004-09-02 08:23 - jbuzzer
JBuzzer - a java application that allows to trigger audio samples with your computer keyboard - has released a minor version with improved stability and performance.

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JBuzzer's homepage relaunched.   2004-09-01 11:28 - jbuzzer
JBuzzer - the desktop application that allows mapping the computer keyboard to audio samples - has an improved and structured website.

Visit: http://jbuzzer.sourceforge.net
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JBuzzer 1.0 available for windows.   2004-08-28 04:45 - jbuzzer
JBuzzer is an end user desktop application that allows mapping your computer keyboard to audio samples of your choice (mp3,wav). Now everyone may use jbuzzer like a normal windows application. 2.223 page views in 66 days and only 31 downloads made this requirement obvious. As an end user application jbuzzer has to integrate in desktop environments without the need of batch files or command line sessions.
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JBuzzer's project homepage launched.   2004-07-02 09:56 - jbuzzer
With the launch of the JBuzzer's project homepage
all urgent steps have been made to enable starting JBuzzer even for users that are not familiar with java.
The desing is kept simple yet functional.
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JBuzzer goes Proguard.   2004-06-29 02:48 - jbuzzer
In order to obtain smaller binaries and to allow
faster download, jbuzzer binaries are now available
in a special release, that is shrinked by using
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First download.   2004-06-28 05:00 - jbuzzer
Georg, fresh prince of Sachsen Anhalt, Halle's hope and keeper of silence decided to let jbuzzer do his office talking.
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jbuzzer Alpha2 sources released.   2004-06-27 14:39 - jbuzzer
Ready to go eclipse 3.0 project:
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