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Open Source

The logging framework. An example for successful open source developement (The jakarta team knows, how to do it). Created at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory but now open source.
free JSX - Free Java Serialization to XML http://sourceforge.net/projects/freejsx/
freeJsx is the version of Java Object Serialization to XML, that remained under Open Source License, after a new development from scratch was started as a commercial Version named JSX2. This is no judgement against JSX2, I think JSX2 may pay itself within days as both versions integrate fully with the mature Java Object Serialization mechanism (JOS, I avoid the term interface here). Except you pay with the donations submitted to a simple and average Open Source project.
Javazoom mp3 service provider interface http://www.javazoom.net/mp3spi/about.html
Provides a Java Sound SPI (Service Provider Interface) that supports MP3 audio format. Within jbuzzer, no single line of code had to be written to support mp3 thanks to this spi implementation. If you are interested in how it works and have spare time see the page and volunteer.
Tritonus http://www.tritonus.org/plugins.html
Tritonus is an implementation of the Java Sound API. Basic utility classes are needed for javazoom's mp3spi package.

Page design.

Dionidium http://diondium.com
Psst! The design of this page was heavily inspired by dionidium.com. One could say, it was copied and modified a little bit. When it comes to art I just know, what my eyes like and what not. But I lack the ability to invent nice designs. Big credit.

Shipment & Build

JSmooth http://jsmooth.sourceforge.net
A small yet flexible and powerful tool that allows to generate executables that start java applications as a windows executable. This allows to provide jbuzzer in an end-user-friendly form: No command line sessions or environment variable settings are needed.
Don't forget to stop by and donate.
Inno Setup http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php
A free installer generator for Windows programs. It is script-based, comes with a comfortable IDE (even debugging), highly configurable, stable (rollback feature), produces very small installers and is comprehensively documented. It was able to build a windows installer for jbuzzer within 2 hours. Don't forget to stop by and donate.
Apache ANT Logo http://ant.apache.org
An extendible and powerful build tool.
"In theory, it is kind of like Make, but without Make's wrinkles.
Citation from: http://ant.apache.org.
ProGuard An amazing class file shrinker, optimizer and obfuscator, that is used to minimize the binaries. It works on bytecode, even processes jar files and supports ANT [automate everything]. And it comes from Leuven, Belgium of course. I should have studied there. Congratulations Eric.
Eclipse logo http://www.eclipse.org
The free development tool plugin integratration platform. Amazing piece of (frame)work. Erich Gamma was involved. An example that base motives (to black out the sun), can have a positive side effect (competition on the royalty free market).


SourceForge.net Logo http://www.sourceforge.net
Great full-service for open source development.

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Free Website Statistics http://www.statcounter.com
Very nice and decent service indeed.

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